BOREAL Emulsion

  • Description
  • Boreal-Inspired Botanicals
  • Ingredients
  • Inspired by flora found in the Boreal Shield, Plains and Cordillera of Canada and the southern edges of the taiga biome in North America and Eurasia

    Formulated to stimulate skin regeneration and repair.

  • Blueberry 

    Black Currant

    Black Spruce





    Jack Pine

    Labrador Tea


    Red Maple

    Yellow Birch.

  • Ingredients/Ingrédients:
    Hydrosol Blend/Melange d’hydrolats: Rhododendron groenlandicum (Labrador Tea/Thé du Labrador) Leaf Water Extract
    1 (and) Sambucus cerulea (Elderberry/ Sureau noir ) Flower Water Extract1 (and) Myrica gale (Sweet Gale/Myrique baumier) Leaf Water Extract1; Aqua; Glycerin2; Niacinamide; Cetearyl Olivate1 (and) Sorbitan Olivate1; Vaccinium angustifolium  (Blueberry/Bluet) Seed Oil;  Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate1; Cetearyl Alcohol1 (and) Cetyl Palmitate1 (and) Sorbitan Palmitate1 (and) Sorbitan Oleate1; Oenothera biennis (Evening Primrose/Onagre) Seed Oil1; Sambucus nigra (Elderberry/Sureau noir ) Fruit Extract1; Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Lingonberry/ Airelle rouge) Seed Oil3,4; Ribes nigrum (Black Currant/ Cassis) Seed Oil4; Tocopherol (mixed)5; Lauryl Olivate1; Helianthus annuus (Sunflower/Tournesol) Seed Oil; Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Lingonberry/Airelle rouge) Fruit Stem Cell Extract; Calluna vulgaris (Heather/Bruyère) Flower Extract1; Viola odorata (Violet/Violette) Leaf Extract1; Echinacea purpurea Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract1; Acer rubrum (Red Maple/Érable rouge) Bark Extract1,6; Acer rubrum (Red Maple/Érable rouge) Bark Extract1,6 (and) Picea mariana (Black Spruce/Épinette noire) Bark Extract1,6 (and) Betula alleghaniensis (Yellow Birch/Bouleau jaune) Bark Extract1,6 (and) Pinus banksiana (Jack Pine/Pin gris) Bark Extract1,6; Rhodiola rosea (Roseroot/Orpin rosat) Root Extract; Lactobacillus Ferment1; Avena sativa (Oat/Avoine) Kernel Extract1;  Rhododendron groenlandicum (Labrador Tea/ Thé du Labrador) Leaf Essential Oil1; Daucus carota (Wild Carrot/Carotte sauvage) Seed Essential Oil1; Daucus carota (Wild Carrot/Carotte sauvage) Seed Oil1; Monarda fistulosa (Wild Bergamot/ Monarde fistuleuse) Flower Essential Oil1; Lysolecithin1 (and) Sclerotium Gum1 (and) Xanthan Gum1 (and) Pullulan1; Allantoin; Sodium Hyaluronate; Sodium Levulinate1; Sodium Anisate1; Romarinus officinalis (Rosemary/ Romarin) Leaf Extract7; Sodium Benzoate7; Potassium Sorbate7;  Xanthan Gum8; Citric Acid 8;  Gluconodeltalactone8;  Calcium Gluconate8;  (Citronellol; Geraniol; Limonene; Linalool)9
    1USDA/ECOCERT-certified organic ingredient or ECOCERT-approved natural ingredient / Ingrédient certifié biologique par USDA/ECOCERT ou ingrédient naturel approuvé par ECOCERT
    2Includes certified organic glycerin and vegetable glycerin / Inclus glycérine biologique certifiée et de glycérine végétale
    3Wild harvested
    4ECOCERT compliant / Conforme au ECOCERT
    5Non-GMO / Sans OGM
    6Bark harvested as a by-product of the Canadian forestry industry / L’écorce récoltée comme un sous-produit de l'industrie forestière Canadienne
    7Preservative or additive component included in some extracts; ECOCERT compliant / Agent de conservation ou additif composant inclus dans quelques extraits; conforme au ECOCERT
    8Preservative or additive components included in one extract / Agents de conservation inclus dans un extrait
    9Naturally-occurring components of essential oils / Composants naturels de l'huiles essentielles.