What does ‘natural’ skin care mean for DU NORD SKIN CARE?


What does ‘natural’ skin care mean for DU NORD SKIN CARE?

It means that presently the plant-based ingredients in the products have been grown organically, sustainably wild harvested, or grown conventionally, when other options are not available, and which have been as minimally processed as possible. Most of my ingredients have organic or natural certification. But, I also use ingredients produced via green tech processes, including fruit stem cells that yield a high-quality extract of phytochemicals with potent UV protective properties. The process of creating and extracting is eco-responsible—it saves land and water. Some of my ingredients are produced via bio-fermentation; they all have ECOCERT status, except one, but it would be considered ECOCERT compliant.

I am not tied to using purely “natural” ingredients. I use niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3, and allantoin in BOREAL Emulsion, both of which have decades of support for their skin benefit and safety. Allantoin is also included in VALLEY Lotion and ARCTIC Mask. Although both niacinamide and allantoin are found in nature, they are produced synthetically for cosmetic formulations. Even with these, the percentage of natural ingredients in BOREAL Emulsion is >94%. For all others, the range is >99% to 100%.

I believe we will see more and more innovative green biotech means of producing ingredients with highly skin-beneficial properties. I would use them if it made sense for DU NORD SKIN CARE.

It is also important for me to use, when possible, ingredients, that have been produced according to circular economy modes of production, that have been upcycled. I also try to work with smaller producers when feasible and derive particular pleasure when I can directly support eco-minded, women-run companies!

As far as I can determine, none of the ingredients I use derive from GMO-grown plant material. 

I use no petroleum-derived products, nor ingredients that have been deemed harmful to the environment or living things—certainly not in the amounts used in my products—and to the best that I can determine, not to the environments and people involved in their production.

DU NORD SKIN CARE products are vegan and cruelty-free.

I contain the products in recyclable glass. The dispensing mechanisms/covers are plastic, parts of which are generally recyclable. Miron Violet glass is a part of my preservation strategy, as well as being an environmentally responsible packaging choice. I am moving away from dedicated secondary packaging, as feasible.  

I am a small-scale manufacturer and brand trying my best to offer a clean, green line of skincare derived from Northern plant-based ingredients, with as small as an ecological footprint as this permits. It is a work in progress. I am dedicated to producing environmentally and socially responsible, effective, and delightful skincare based on Northern botanicals.