My mission is to provide you with the loveliest, most interesting and unmistakably effective skincare products based on Northern botanicals that will encourage you to take the very best, and consistent, care of your skin with true delight.

DU NORD SKIN CARE was born out of a personal desire for high-quality skincare that is mostly plant-based and sustainably and eco-and socially responsibly produced. I want products that not only work for my skin but are a pleasure to use. The product line I developed for facial skincare is a synthesis of influences and lifelong interests in nature, science and art, and the creative process. I also have a deep love for Northern landscapes and the flora that thrive there. 

DU NORD SKIN CARE is based on Northern botanicals. Indigenous peoples of North America and Eurasia and peoples from Northern European traditional cultures have long used native Northern plants for their healing properties and for treating wounds, inflammations and infections of skin. The skin benefits of many Northern plant-based ingredients are robustly supported by laboratory and clinical studies. Indeed, they continue to be investigated for their beneficial effects on skin, for general health and even as components of treatments for serious disease. 

After my own research, experimentation, and joyful, creative play, the unique recipes for DU NORD SKIN CARE were formulated and fine-tuned. By combining subtle scents with ingredients that work to improve the skin, I found the mix I was looking for.  Each product has a particular skincare function and is inspired by a Canadian eco-zone or a Northern biome that spans many Northern countries or a particular Northern plant habitat and is made from plants of that region.


Morning and evening skin care has always been routine for me, but with DU NORD SKIN CARE it has become a ritual. I especially enjoy the evening.  Washing my face with MARITIME Cleanser, delighting in its earthy, forest-y scent and feeling its gentle exfoliating properties gently remove impurities and surface dullness is refreshing and really does help me clear my head from the day. The sensuous feeling of PRAIRIE Serum on my skin afterwards, with its hydrating and toning properties, is lovely and soothing. I usually follow with BOREAL Emulsion and TUNDRA Oil. They work to promote skin health and vibrancy. The next morning I have skin that feels wonderful and it glows.  


If you have a tried and true skincare routine or ritual but feel something is missing, perhaps refining it with one of the products in the DU NORD SKIN CARE line will be just the thing. If you are looking for something new, I hope you will be intrigued and consider DU NORD SKIN CARE.   




 A little about my background

I have worked in the field of health and wellness for all of my professional life as a medical editor & writer, a yoga & physical fitness instructor and health & wellness counsellor. My educational background is in science: BSc physics (Dalhousie University); PhD molecular biology of photosynthesis and DNA/protein interactions (Brown University). 

DU NORD SKIN CARE is inspired by my deep attachment to the landscape and flora on a glorious, rugged bit of Atlantic coast where I live and work, years of laboratory experience and many years of working with people helping them to improve their physical and emotional health and sense of wellbeing. I wanted make something beautiful and useful that contributed to my exploration around what it means to feel good in one's skin.



Ursula Snyder, PhD




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