Testimonials 2017 - 2020


Even purportedly "organic" brands are not as clean as advertised after I took the time to look up all their ingredients. I've used the collection SKIN CARE DU NORD for only a week now but am pleased enough to gain the momentum to throw out the last of my skin care products that have dimethicone, polymethol methacrylate, etc. in them. It's relaxing to simplify my routine and use products I completely trust.  (It's nice that the bottles pump out the teensiest amount because that's all you need. A little goes a long way.)  
I had some textured bumps (seborrheic keratosis) on my face that, since starting DU NORD SKIN CARE, are smoothing out.  I am thrilled.  And this is only after a week!  

Danuta S. 


I use the ALPINE and BOREAL Emulsions regularly, and I noticed a positive difference within the first few days of starting. Even my close friends notice the difference in my skin.  The TUNDRA oil is saving me this winter--hotels and airplanes and landlocked cities are hard on my Maritime skin. TUNDRA Oil is a must-have for travel.      

Jill M. 


I have quite good skin—no major issues—and have always prided myself on being able to use any cheap product on the market. Not those expensive products for me! As I’ve grown older, my major skin care concern came to be products with natural ingredients and few or no chemicals. But more and more I was finding it almost impossible to find such products.

A friend of mine had been using DU NORD SKIN CARE for several years, and over those years I saw a noticeable difference in her complexion— it was brighter, firmer, with fewer lines. I actually thought she was having Botox injections. But what really interested me was the high quality of DU NORD’s ingredients —none of Suzuki's ‘dirty dozen’, ingredients locally sourced and sustainable.

The price gave me pause, but I decided to order a sample kit anyway. Within 2 days I was hooked. My good complexion has become even better. I think MARITIME Cleanser is a complete game changer, for example: my combination skin has never—and I mean never—been so even. I thought TUNDRA Oil would be too oily, but it absorbs quickly and feels wonderful. I just introduced PRAIRIE Serum to my nightly routine and the morning after I couldn’t believe how dewy my skin looked.

The products are so concentrated that you need only a few drops of each, making them last literally for months. I love that I am putting only natural ingredients on my skin and that my good skin looks even better. Maybe the best part is the aromatherapy effect of using these products. The spruce in MARITIME Cleanser, the balsam in TAIGA Cream, the juniper in TUNDRA Oil: every cleansing routine is like an aromatherapy session at the spa. I actually look forward to washing my face!

Linda L.


For the past several months I have enthusiastically switched to using all DU NORD's products, except for the mask. I assumed that it wouldn't have a notable impact. I was wrong! It hydrated my skin like crazy, making it smooth and glorious for days. ARCTIC Mask is now part of my routine...

Heather B.


DU NORD SKIN CARE products are pure luxury! I never expected to feel so strongly about skin care, but in this case I do. I use the PRAIRIE Serum and ALPINE Emulsion in the morning and MARITIME Cleanser and BOREAL Emulsion or TAIGA Cream at night, which has become a very precious routine that I enjoy and look forward to. I love the scents! I used to have problems with greasy and unclear skin, and I was sensitive to thick or oily products; with DU NORD everything – even the TUNDRA Oil – feels just right! I don’t know how it’s done, but every day I am left with the impression that the products were tailor made for me!

Lise C.


After following the DU NORD SKIN CARE regimen for only a few days, I was surprised to see results. Over time there were even more improvements. Others noticed too. Fine lines under my eyes diminished; pores were reduced; skin tone and texture improved, and sun spots began to fade. I love the combinations of ingredients, the earthy scents, and appreciate the concept which dovetails well with my lifestyle and worldview. Over the years I tried many different products but usually ended up moving on to another brand and line. DU NORD SKIN CARE is a keeper - I am addicted!

Lynn R.


When I first encountered DU NORD SKIN CARE products, I loved the concept, but was a little dubious about the northern, somewhat unconventional, scent. After a too short trial, and then the absence of DU NORD SKIN CARE, I found myself craving the scent of MARITIME, PRAIRIE, ALPINE, BOREAL and TAIGA on my skin. It is refreshing, invigorating and also calming. Aromatherapy?  Perhaps.  

Alida B.


Using DU NORD SKIN CARE products has been a positive experience for me. They feel light and natural, and the scents are mild and pleasant. My skin has become noticeably healthier. The acne scars have faded, and the number of blemishes have decreased and are not as severe. I would recommend this to anybody struggling with acne.

Lucas W.


I have been using DU NORD SKIN CARE for several months now, and I love it. I have had difficult skin since my late teens, and have tried so many different products, including prescription medications - and nothing really worked. I'm happy to say that DU NORD SKIN CARE works for me! I no longer have rough and discoloured patches on my face, and the acne breakouts have subsided to almost nothing. My skin is so smooth, and feels healthy - like it's finally getting fed with what it needs. The MARITIME Cleanser is truly effective but gentle, and I've never used a cleanser like this that feels like it's putting good things IN to your skin, and not just washing things off. I use the TUNDRA Oil at night and PRAIRIE Serum in the daytime - both absorb quickly and are super concentrated, and a little goes a long way. The products are easy and quick to use, smell amazing, and I like that I'm using responsibly harvested ingredients. Many people have commented that my skin looks great, which is something I'm not used to hearing, but it's really nice!

Chooi Hong W.


I have never been one to fuss about my face. Certainly creams were never part of my routine, so at sixty I have some sun damage splotches from spending a good deal of time out of doors without skin protection. When I started using DU NORD SKIN CARE products my skin began to feel revitalized and silky to the touch. I use  ARCTIC Mask for cleansing, PRAIRIE Serum at night and TUNDRA Oil, my absolute favourite, in the morning before I apply what little makeup I now wear. This beautiful oil gives my forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip, and chin a unity of tone. Before using TUNDRA each of those zones, as the old acne commercials use to call them, definitely looked and felt anything but unified. My make-up is very compatible with TUNDRA, and I need to apply less foundation with great results. I recently spent ten days in July on the very hot and dry Prairies, and while other women moaned about how “sucked dry” their faces felt my face felt soft and glowing. I love how beautiful DU NORD SKIN CARE makes my skin feel.

Catherine B. 

I have the kind of skin that inflames easily. I've been using DU NORD SKIN CARE products for nearly 2 years and my skin is inflammation free. I consider PRAIRIE Serum a necessity, not an option. I put it on every morning. It's light, sinks in, and I don't feel any residue. This is the case for all the DU NORD SKIN CARE products I've tried.  I also use ALPINE Emulsion—mostly at night actually. I am not the kind of guy to use oils on my skin, but after testing TUNDRA Oil, I had to buy the bottle. It's liquid gold. My skin has never felt better!

Malcolm N.