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Venn diagram of factors influencing creation of DU NORD SKIN CARE

My mission is to provide safe and effective skincare products derived from Northern plants that are lovely and decidedly unusual. I would like to provide a means of taking pleasure in consistent care of one’s skin.

In addition, I believe DU NORD SKIN CARE provides an opportunity for customers to take part in a “buy well, buy less” economy. The products are concentrated and designed for “a very little goes a long way” approach to usage. Purchasing DU NORD SKIN CARE products supports a woman-owned and -operated small business based in a small village in Nova Scotia, Canada. It also increases the company’s annual contributions to local, national, and international environmental organizations dedicated to protecting and promoting the earth's health and wellbeing. DU NORD SKIN CARE is a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

The DU NORD SKIN CARE line of products is created from ingredients derived from Northern flora. Indigenous peoples of North America and Eurasia and peoples from Northern European traditional cultures have long used native Northern plants for their healing properties and for treating wounds, inflammations, and infections of skin. The skin benefits of many Northern plant-based ingredients are robustly supported by laboratory and clinical studies. Indeed, they continue to be investigated for their beneficial effects on skin, for general health and even as components of treatments for serious disease.

After my own research, experimentation, and joyful, creative play, the unique formulations for DU NORD SKIN CARE were developed and fine-tuned. Each product is designed to have multifunctional properties and features ingredients and scent inspired by a Canadian eco-zone or a Northern biome that spans many Northern countries or a particular Northern plant habitat.  

The product line is as sustainably and eco-and socially responsibly produced, as possible for a small-scale manufacturer. I choose ingredients and create formulations to comply with high standards of quality and safety, and do so with utmost consideration, respect and care for flora, fauna, and planet, and for the people involved in the production/manufacture of those ingredients. Most of the materials used to create the products are certified as ECOCERT/COSMOS, USDA Certified Organic, and/or Nordic Ecoswan. Some products are not officially certified but are ECOCERT/COSMOS compliant. Some products are created from food industry or forest industry by-products and contribute to circular economic production.  I am proud to work with a few small Canadian, American and European companies and laboratories, farmers, distillers, and distributors who are passionate about their creations and products, and passionate about sustainable practices, eco-stewardship and green innovation. I try to source ingredients directly from their producers/creators.  All manufacturing of DU NORD SKIN CARE products is done in a small home-based laboratory with industry-standard equipment for small-scale operations. A specialized laboratory in Quebec, Canada was contracted to test the preservation regimen and for irritant/sensitivity testing.