The Ideal DU NORD SKIN CARE Regimen for You?

Ultimately, each person has to determine the most ideal skin care regimen for themselves. DU NORD SKIN CARE products are formulated to provide comprehensive skin care. Each product can be used alone or with your current favourite skin-care products. However, for a total DU NORD SKIN CARE experience, the tabs under the Regimens menu offer options you may wish to consider.

DU NORD SKIN CARE products are meant to be used consistently for best results. Generally the full-size products yield sufficient supply for 1 - 3 months daily use. 

Please note that a little goes a long way with DU NORD SKIN CARE products, including MARITIME Cleanser. Determine what works for you. Generally 3 - 4 pumps will suffice for MARITIME Cleanser. For BOREAL & ALPINE Emulsions and TAIGA Cream, 1- 2 pumps is usually enough. For PRAIRIE Serum, one gentle squeeze of the dropper is generally plenty. For TUNDRA Oil, 1 - 2 drops should provide light to moderate coverage. Finally, for ARCTIC Mask, aim for a thin, even layer of coverage, avoiding the eye area.  

Please also note that is important to patch test any skin-care product before use. It may be prudent to try one product at a time before determining what kind of regimen may be most suitable for you.