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The most important factors that determine our skin health and appearance depend largely on factors more serious and influential than those any skincare product might contribute….To name a few:

  • Genetic makeup
  • Chronologic age
  • Hormonal status
  • Exposure to solar radiation and pollution
  • Diet
  • Physical fitness practice
  • Where one has lived throughout one’s life; where one lives currently
  • The way one has lived (ie, the lifestyle); the way one lives now
  • How much stress (in the largest sense) one can reasonably cope with and manage, and how much stress one has experienced over a lifetime and is under currently
  • How much sleep one averages a night and the quality of sleep
  • One’s sense of self; one’s attitude toward self-care

This said, it is also clear that some topical skincare products have, to varying degrees, noticeably beneficial effects on skin health and appearance. So, it is important to find those products that are effective for you, that you enjoy using and, as a consumer, feel good about using.


The DU NORD SKIN CARE approach to skin care is to take the best care possible of your overall health right now and moving forward, and to encourage and foster those things that contribute to a sense of your own wellbeing. When we feel healthy and well, it will show up!

The Complete DU NORD SKIN CARE line.


DU NORD SKIN CARE products have been formulated to provide gentle but effective comprehensive skincare, most especially for mature skin—that is, skin that tends to be a little drier, a little more flaccid, a little more defined by lines and wrinkles, a little more damaged from a “normal" life’s prolonged exposure to UV radiation, pollutants and pathogens in the environment, and possibly harsh chemicals (including soap), a little more tendency toward inflammation. However, DU NORD SKIN CARE products have been helpful for younger skin too.

All DU NORD SKIN CARE products have been formulated to have multiple skin-beneficial activities. Different products will have a particular focus on some these and do not address all equally.

Here are the key actions the formulations try to address:

  • Hydration, moisturization, prevention of transepidermal water loss
  • Nourishment—topical provision of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids
  • Preserving and strengthening the skin-barrier with skin-identical ceramides, sterols and free fatty acids
  • Repair and regeneration of skin structure—stimulation of production of collagen, elastin, and other structural molecules; inhibition of their degradation
  • Rebalancing the skin microbiome—promoting growth of beneficial microorganisms; restoring and maintaining the acidic environment of the skin’s outermost surface (DU NORD SKIN CARE products range in pH from 4.6 to 5.5)
  • Protecting the skin from oxidative damage (UVR, high-energy visible light [eg, blue light from devices, but also ordinary visible light in the longer blue end of the spectrum and infrared radiation], pollutants (notably that resulting from traffic and smog), other environmental aggressors)
  • Anti-inflammatory activity to soothe and calm skin, reduce visible signs of irritation/inflammation
  • Appropriate antimicrobial action (eg, against C. acnes, harmful bacteria and fungi)
  • Diminishing appearance of aging spots/skin-tone evening
  • Aiding desquamation (sloughing off dead skin cells)


  • Providing products with an overall light, non-greasy feel and delightful and unusual Northern scents to make your skin care a lovely experience and to encourage consistency with your regimen to achieve the best results.


Multifunctional, Yes! But each product has a special emphasis on a particular aspect of general skincare 

Cleansing and exfoliation; both are light but with a rich creamy feel: MARITIME Cleanser, ARCTIC Mask

A super multifunctional serum in a hydrosol/water-based formulation; light on the skin, heavy on actives for comprehensive skin care. The only oil in this product is a skin-beneficial essential oil blend contributing to active and scent: PRAIRIE Serum

A super light serum for hydration/toning, pH balancing, photoprotection, and skin refreshening. Great for facial cleansing, as aftershave, after makeup application, as super skin freshener anytime: STREAM Mist

Stimulating eye cream/ light firming facial cream; increases circulation, photoprotective, reparative: MOUNTAIN Gel Cream

Moisturizing, protective, skin calming; anti-inflammatory: BOREAL Emulsion

Enhancing photoprotection of sunscreens and after-sun care: ALPINE Emulsion

Emollient rich, protective, reparative, nourishing: TAIGA Cream

A deeply nourishing, moisturizing, skin-barrier protective and strengthening pure oil blend: TUNDRA Oil

All-purpose skincare; light lotion: VALLEY Lotion

All-purpose skincare; oil: FOREST Oil 

Beginning a new skincare routine, or modifying your current practice, is its own small challenge. Incorporating or adding a new skincare product, or a suite of products, can make it more so! The best skincare regimen is one you create that works for you, of course. The key is to really know “what works for you” means. You may be someone who tends to commit to a particular skincare routine and stay on course; or, you may be one who attends to your skincare only when you feel a real need. That’s important information you can rely on to help you choose the most effective products for you.

What about your skin concern you? Is there a particular problem you’ve been dealing with for a while, or have you more recently noticed a change in some aspect of your skin, or do you just generally want to take the best care of your skin? 

A very basic skincare regimen might entail cleansing periodically (you determine the appropriate frequency) with a non-soap, gently exfoliating cleanser followed by application of a multifunctional serum or cream, appropriate for your skin.

Some enjoy a defined morning or evening cleansing regimen, or ritual, with several products; some may do both, each with a different emphasis. This is where determining the kinds of formulations and regimens that best suit your skin and your nature is key! Perhaps you are the kind of person who prefers a minimalist approach to skincare — one product for face and body. VALLEY Lotion might be the ideal choice.

So many possibilities…

Perhaps it would be most appropriate to choose sample sizes of the products in which you are most interested. Plan a regimen and try it out! In addition to individual full-size products, DU NORD SKIN CARE also has DUO Collections.

Remember: Results can take time. Gentleness and consistency are key.

If you have questions, you can always send an email (info@dunordskincare.com) or connect through the chat button. 

I hope you will consider trying DU NORD SKIN CARE! 

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