Skin Care - Relaxing Ritual? It Can Be (For Any Gender)

Skin Care - Relaxing Ritual? It Can Be  (For Any Gender)

I recently read an article by Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman on her devotion to her skin-care ritual. Here are some quotes from the article [1] that caught my attention:

“Skincare relaxes me… 

…Until we get home, and he gets straight into bed while I spend 20 minutes going through my skincare routine. At that point, I feel sorry for him and his dry, grubby face and very pleased for me and my moisturised, clean one. My skincare ritual is the closest I get to religion these days and, like religion, it gives me a (probably false) sense of control and a (definitely real) sense of wellbeing…

…There are generally two defences of skincare: one, it does work and here are some independent clinical trials zzzz snore blah whatevs; two, we know it doesn’t work, but we like it….

…We would not spend billions on stuff that is completely ineffective; we know moisturiser won’t – contra the adverts – “reverse the ageing process”. But it will make the ageing process feel less dry and flaky. Which is nice. It also makes you feel you have some kind of, if not control over the ageing process, then at least a handle on it, and the means to make yourself feel better along the way….

People often style skincare as something you do for the future, to head off wrinkles or what have you. But for me it’s about feeling good in the present…Those 20 minutes in the bathroom are often the only time I get alone during the day, doing something just for me…."


Skin care relaxes me too. With DU NORD SKIN CARE, the relaxation derives in part from the scents of the products. They remind me of my deep connection to the land and extraordinary diversity of plant life in my “neck of the woods.” In fact, with MARITIME Cleanser, which features black spruce and balsam fir, I bring the Maritime woods to my face and neck!

A number of DU NORD SKIN CARE products (BOREAL & ALPINE Emulsions, TAIGA Cream, TUNDRA Oil and ARCTIC Mask) include Rhodiola rosea extract (also known as Roseroot, Arctic Root, Golden Root), which has a long history of traditional use in Northern countries to help combat stress, alleviate depression and fatigue and positively enhance mental and physical performance. More recent studies with animal models and in-vitro studies aim to identify the actions of particular compounds found in Rhodiola rosea at a molecular level. Some suggest particular Rhodiola compounds reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine activity, interact with neuroreceptors and also may stimulate beta-endorphin production in skin. So perhaps there is some added sense of well-being stimulated by the Rhodiola rosea extract present in DU NORD SKIN CARE. 


I feel good (and responsible) using extracts derived from organically grown, wild-harvested, responsibly cultivated plants and especially extracts obtained from  recycled co-products of the Canadian forestry industry. I am comforted that none of David Suzuki’s “dirty dozen” are found in DU NORD SKIN CARE products, that they are vegan and not tested on animals. Something else is important to me: when possible I purchase raw materials for DU NORD SKIN CARE products directly from small producers. It makes me feel good to support small artisanal businesses with like-minded values. I enjoy the fact that many of the plants have a long history of traditional use in skin care and medicine and that some of the raw materials are produced with clean, green technologies (that use less water and energy and more recycled materials, for example). I also love the look of the dark violet glass.  I know that it enhances the preservation of the products, and it is recyclable. This all contributes to a sense of well-being I derive from making and using DU NORD SKIN CARE. 

A RITUAL SKIN CARE (and not just a women's ritual)

For me too, there is also something about the “ritual.” I thoroughly enjoy my own skin-care ritual. But I do want to say that skin-care rituals are not only for those who identify as women. Just how elaborate one is with skin care is personal. Even the simplest routine can yield a sense of pleasure and relaxation and be recognized as an intentional act of self care. 

Here's my ritual. In the morning, I cleanse with water only and follow with PRAIRIE Serum and ALPINE Emulsion. It's basic and works for me, but I take time to really enjoy the feel and scent of each. The fragrance of PRAIRIE Serum is grassy and created with hydrosols only. Sweet Fern is most dominant. This extraordinary bush grows all around the edges my yard. I first loved it for its beautiful foliage. One day I picked a leaf and was astonished by the scent that emanated. Intense! Uniquelike no other I knew. How extraordinary for me that I can wear it! (Note: the scent does not lastthe positive effects of this oil-free serum do!). The feel of PRAIRIE Serum is also lovely. It glides and sinks in. 

The evening ritual is a little more involved. If I've worn any make-up or sunscreen, I take that  off first—usually with a homemade oil blend. I cleanse and exfoliate with MARITIME Cleanser and follow with PRAIRIE Serum, BOREAL Emulsion and TUNDRA Oil. Again, for me, it is a pleasure to feel and smell each. The scents don't clashin part because they are delicate, in part because they just naturally seem to work well together (to my nose anyway),  and in part because they dissipate quickly.  I love the feeling that I am hydrating, soothing, moisturizing and nourishing my fresh, clean skin with powerful extracts of the northern plants I cherish. (And, a little goes a long way, especially on damp skin.)

Finally,  I enjoy a luxurious and restful mask treatment when I can.  My favourite routine: 1) MARITIME Cleanser to clean and exfoliate; 2) facial steam with a special blend of northern botanical essential oils (maybe a future DU NORD SKIN CARE product?) 3) ARCTIC Mask treatment, while resting for about 20 minutes; 4) hydration and moisturization with PRAIRIE Serum, TAIGA Cream and TUNDRA Oil. 

I make it a quiet, calm time. It is truly rejuvenating. 



For me, DU NORD SKIN CARE is effective. What does that mean?

It means that my skin always feels soft and hydrated—that's the main thing. I break out only very occasionally; when I do, it is mild and resolves quickly. I have wrinkles… But some of the finer lines have become finer still. And some of the hyperpigmentation has become less so.

If you would like to read how some others feel about DU NORD SKIN CARE and its efficacy for them, you can read their testimonials.

If you'd like to find out more about possible regimens, see our Regimens page its tabs and the recent blog post DU NORD SKIN CARE REGIMENS - INDIVIDUALIZED


There are lots of wonderful skin-care products on the market today, especially some made by smaller companies. And it is increasingly the case that even the larger skin-care companies are trying to do better when it comes to what they put in their products and where they obtain them. Whatever skin-care products you find work for you, I hope you derive a small pleasure from using them.

A mindful skin-care ritual is just a nice thing to have. It is a luxury too, of course.



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1. Freeman, H. (2018, February 10) Bad science or expensive con: either way, I’m sticking with my skincare regime. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/10/skincare-con-makeup-hadley-freeman