Northern Spring

Northern Spring

May 1st—May Day—an ancient Northern festival marks the return of spring. It's nearing the end of May now and finally it is starting to look a little more like spring on the coast, but the North wind is up and it is chilly! So, it feels a bit iffy.... Still the ground is greening,  birds are singing morning and evening, and the peepers are peeping! 

Mayflower (Epigaea repens) is a member of the Ericaceae (heath) family, which includes many of the plants used in DU NORD SKIN CARE:
Alpine Rose (ALPINE Emulsion)
Bearberry (MARITIME Cleanser, TAIGA Cream, TUNDRA Oil, ARCTIC Mask) 
Blueberry (BOREAL Emulsion, TUNDRA Oil)
Cranberry (MARITIME Cleanser, TUNDRA Oil) 
Heather (PRAIRIE Serum, BOREAL Emulsion, ARCTIC Mask),
Labrador tea (BOREAL Emulsion)
Lingonberry (BOREAL Emulsion, ALPINE Emulsion, TAIGA Cream, TUNDRA Oil, ARCTIC Mask)
Wintergreen (MARITIME Cleanser)

All these plants survive and thrive in the harsh climatic conditions of the North and the acidic soil--why they are small powerhouses of skin-beneficial phytochemicals! Perhaps surprisingly, they have scents that delight. Some of the berries are pretty tasty too... or leaves, in the case of Wintergreen... and bearberry leaves are used in traditional ceremonial and medicinal smoking mixtures. But among them all, the scent of the just-blossoming Mayflower is the most gorgeous. To smell it is to revel utterly in the beauty that blesses this planet.  

The scents of DU NORD SKIN CARE products are also lovely and delight! They are unique and derive from the pure essential oils and volatile compounds of plants that grow happily in the North--from the delicate sweetness of rose and bee balm, to the stranger pungent, spicy sweetness of sweet fern and wild carrot seed, the grassiness of sweet grass and violet leaf, the forest-y freshness of black spruce, tamarack larch and balsam fir, the mintyness of wintergreen, right down to the decidedly animalic scents of black currant oil and white spruce hydrosol!  More than just providing scent, however, the oils and hydrosols chosen for DU NORD SKIN CARE also have been found to have skin-beneficial properties. 

Sweet Fern hydrosol contributes to the scent and astringency of PRAIRIE Serum and may also add some antibacterial action. It is wonderful to watch it transform from a brown bud to a glorious and lush green leaf with its potent scent. 


One of the key trends noted for the upcoming 2019 Cosmoprof NA meeting is the use of “plant water” in cosmetics. This refers to hydrosol which is derived from the water used in the steam distillation of plant material for essential oils. The water contains aromatic and other water soluble compounds. DU NORD SKIN CARE products (except TUNDRA Oil) are formulated with hydrosols as a principal source of water.  Not a trend for us! 

BOREAL Emulsion is created with a unique blend of Labrador Tea, Elderflower and Sweet Gale hydrosols.


Tamarack larch buds. Larch needles have a wonderful scent and are a source of alpha-pinene which has antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antifungal properties. Larch hydrosol and essential oil are found in our luxurious TAIGA Cream




Bearberry blossoms about to burst! Bearberry is native to many northern environments and the leaf extract is a key ingredient in DU NORD SKIN CARE! Antimicrobial, antioxidant, astringent and may help to even skin tone. Featured in MARITIME Cleanser, TAIGA Cream, TUNDRA Oil and ARCTIC Mask