DU NORD SKIN CARE Regimens - Individualized!

It has been interesting to learn from new customers what products and combinations of products work best for them. Many started with the CELEBRATION Sample Collection to introduce themselves to the line (and their skins! ...patch testing is important, especially for those with sensitive skin...) 


A few decided on the basis of the product descriptions and what they thought would be most useful for their skin. Some customers have found that it works to integrate a single DU NORD SKIN CARE product into a regimen with other favourite brands. Some preferred the feel or scent of some products over others and chose one of the emulsions (BOREAL or ALPINE) or TAIGA Cream or TUNDRA Oil as their AM/PM moisturizer. 


Here are some of the combinations that customers have found work well for them:
MARITIME Cleanser  + TAIGA Cream
MARITIME Cleanser  + BOREAL Emulsion
PRAIRIE Serum + TAIGA Cream 
BOREAL Emulsion + TUNDRA Oil
ALPINE Emulsion + TUNDRA Oil
BOREAL Emulsion + TAIGA Cream


And some have followed one or more of the suggested regimens.


We are now also offering the sample sizes found in the CELEBRATION Sample Collection individually so that you can try a product or create your own individualized collection. They are listed as OPTIONS


There is no best regimen. It is individual and based on many factors. The most important things in the end are to sleep well, eat well, exercise, find time for yourself, be outdoors (around trees!) regularly, take some time daily to focus on deep conscientious breathing, and as best one can manage the stresses of daily living. How we are in the world profoundly affects our skin health and appearance.