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DU NORD SKIN CARE offers a unique and sophisticated line of multifunctional skincare products, especially formulated for mature skin.

Formulated with powerful ingredients derived from Northern Flora

Inspired by the beauty of Northern flora and landscapes

Determined by current cosmetic and basic research science and traditional knowledge

Driven by a desired to create products both functional and beautiful



Vegan, Cruelty Free, Eco-responsible 

DU NORD SKIN CARE does not contain any
of the following:

BHT, BHA ⦁ Coal-tar dyes ⦁ DEA, MEA, TEA ⦁
Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives ⦁ Parabens ⦁ PEG, PPG compounds ⦁ Petrolatum ⦁ Siloxanes ⦁ SLS/SLES ⦁ Acrylates copolymer ⦁ Phthalates ⦁ Methylchlorisothiazolilone ⦁ Phenoxyethanol ⦁ Sodium Metabisulfite ⦁ Artificial fragrance


DU NORD SKIN CARE products are designed for action!
● Fortify and protect mature skin
● Prevent premature aging
● Repair damaged skin
● Reestablish and maintain optimal skin hydration
● Support strong skin-barrier function and a healthy skin microbiome
● Sooth and calm inflamed skin


I’d like to positively impact my customers' sense of wellbeing and way of being in the world. When we feel and look healthy and vibrant, we make our way in the world with verve. We feel good in our skin. I'd like that for my customers and myself.

I use a small-scale manufacturing process to produce gentle, effective skincare solutions that address my customers' needs, align with their values, and delight their senses.

Purchasing DU NORD SKIN CARE products supports a woman-owned and -operated small business and increases its annual contributions to local, national and international environmental organizations dedicated to protecting and promoting the earth's health and wellbeing. DU NORD SKIN CARE is a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

Soyons biens dans nos peaux!

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DU NORD SKIN CARE is inspired by the flora that thrive in Northern landscapes. The power of their skin-beneficial phytochemicals and their beauty infuse each product. In a small but lovely way this skincare line is an expression of passion for the natural world, our connection to it, and a way to share that. 

PRAIRIE Serum science c.2020 DU NORD SKIN CARE


The choice of Northern plant-based ingredients is guided by Traditional knowledge of Northern flora and their healing power and grounded in skincare science. They're chosen for optimal skincare efficacy.


DU NORD SKIN CARE skincare is made with joy and creativity and is profoundly inspired by the landscape and flora where I live. From the conceptual design of the line to the exquisite feel of the products and their distinctive Northern scents, I've aimed to create products that delight your senses and spirit and encourage you to take the very best care of the your skin. I invite you to add a little Northern delight to a daily routine!


After 4 weeks of using Du Nord's MARITIME Cleanser, BOREAL Emulsion and TAIGA Cream combined with FOREST Oil I have noticed a big improvement in the smoothness and softness of my skin. I absolutely love the beautiful scents and look forward to my morning and nighttime facial treatment. Thank you, Du Nord for developing a beautifully considered product.

Sheila B.

Using Du Nord Skin Care products has been a big help. Not only has my inflammation decreased, but my skin is supple and even glows.

Gayle S.

PRAIRIE Serum has a wondrous feel, a lovely scent and does even more wonders for my skin. That, along with MARITIME Cleanser, VALLEY Lotion and the new ALPINE Emulsion formulation: my go-to skin therapy routine.

joanne s.

DU NORD SKIN CARE products are pure luxury! I use the PRAIRIE Serum and ALPINE Emulsion in the morning and MARITIME Cleanser and BOREAL Emulsion or TAIGA Cream at night—a precious routine that I look forward to. I love the scents!

Lise C.

Knowing how much stress our skin, especially the face, is exposed to every day, I’m especially appreciative of the science taken to create the DU NORD SKIN CARE line.

Katja H.