to a wild and sophisticated approach to multifunctional skin care

Why we're here!

I’d like to positively impact my customers' sense of wellbeing and way of being in the world. 

DU NORD SKIN CARE offers gentle, effective skincare solutions that address my customers' needs, align with their values, and delight their senses.

The multifunctional formulations are based on Northern plant-derived ingredients and designed to promote skin health, resilience and vibrancy.

When we feel and look healthy and vibrant, we make our way in the world with verve. We feel good in our skin. I'd like that for my customers and myself.

Soyons biens dans nos peaux!


I'm happy you're here!


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Eco-responsible

DU NORD SKIN CARE does not contain any of the following:

BHT, BHA ⦁ Coal-tar dyes ⦁ DEA, MEA, TEA ⦁ Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives ⦁ Parabens ⦁ PEG, PPG compounds ⦁ Petolatum ⦁ Siloxanes ⦁ SLS/SLES ⦁ Acrylates copolymer ⦁ Phthalates ⦁ Methylchlorisothiazolilone ⦁ Artificial fragrance ⦁ Phenoxyethanol ⦁ Sodium Metabisulfite

THe foundation of DU NORD SKIN CARE


DU NORD SKIN CARE is inspired by the flora that thrive in Northern landscapes. The power of their skin-beneficial phytochemicals and their beauty infuse each product. In a small but lovely way this skincare line is an expression of passion for the natural world, our connection to it, and a way to share that.

PRAIRIE Serum science c.2020 DU NORD SKIN CARE


The choice of Northern plant-based ingredients is guided by Traditional knowledge of Northern flora and their healing power and grounded in skincare science. They're chosen for optimal skincare efficacy.


Our line of facial and body skincare is made in Canada with joy and creativity. From the conceptual design of the line to the exquisite feel of the products and their distinctive Northern scents, we want to delight your senses and spirit and encourage you to take the very best care of the your skin. I invite you to add a little Northern delight to a daily routine!


The revised and updated line of facial and all-round body care is the result of listening to my customers and a dedication to making products better. Now they are even more comprehensively multifunctional and available in a variety of formulations and textures.

A broader range of multifunctional products and formulations allows you to more effectively develop a skincare routine that works best for you.

The ultimate goal remains the same: to provide exquisite, effective skincare solutions that help you--and me!--take the best care of our skin as we age.

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DU NORD SKIN CARE products are designed for action!
● Fortify and protect mature skin
● Prevent premature aging
● Repair damaged skin
● Reestablish and maintain optimal skin hydration
● Support strong skin-barrier function and a healthy skin microbiome
● Sooth and calm inflamed skin

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MARITIME Cleanser is formulated for deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation. The formulation is creamy without harsh abrasives and contains moisturizing ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. MARITIME Cleanser contains gently cleansing surfactants but no soap. It is pH balanced.  We recommend following cleansing with application of a hydrating/moisturizing product.


Having tried the products for the last week, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of my skin. I am 71 years old, and have always taken care of my skin. However, I recently have developed rosacea and struggle to keep it under control. Using DU NORD SKIN CARE products has been a big help. Not only has my inflammation decreased, but my skin is supple and even glows.

– Gayle S.

As a devout user of DU NORD SKIN CARE products since their inception, I am delighted with the new line. PRAIRIE Serum has a wondrous feel, a lovely scent and does even more wonders for my skin. That, along with MARITIME Cleanser, VALLEY Lotion and the new ALPINE Emulsion formulation (when it is ready), will likely be my go-to skin therapy routine.

– joanne s.

I love the new products and am so happy to have them and treat myself every morning. I really like the combination of PRAIRIE, MOUNTAIN, and TAIGA on my face—that works wonderfully for my skin. And now having VALLEY for my neck, décolleté and arms, it can’t be better.

– Karla L.

I had the good fortune to have been introduced to the DU NORD SKIN CARE line when it was first launched and was hooked early on. The new, evolved line is even more impressive. My current favourites are the improved PRAIRIE Serum , which is silken on the skin and TAIGA, a rich, nourishing cream that my face craves during the harsh dryness of winter. I also enjoy the STREAM Mist as an occasional treat, using it as a delightful refresher mid afternoon, or in the evening. Night time is for rest and restoration, when I use the BOREAL Emulsion and TUNDRA Oil, which leave my skin feeling refreshed and sated. I confess to being addicted; I have told myself several times to stop in the past, but I can’t hold out for long. I love the scents, the application of the products on my face and of course, the wonderful way that DU NORD SKIN CARE leaves my skin looking and feeling.

– Alida B.

I have been a confirmed fan of DU NORD SKIN CARE for several years now, and I don’t want to live without MARITIME, PRAIRIE or ALPINE. Now there’s a new “can’t live without” : VALLEY! The Canadian climate and home heating have wreaked havoc on my skin, but after many years that is no more, all due to the wonderful new VALLEY Lotion. I’m hooked!

– Malcolm N.

I work with product design focussing on healthy materials and products made for purpose. That’s beyond sustainability, which is usually describing something around us. But skin care is very personal—the skin being our largest organ. Knowing how much stress our skin, especially the face, is exposed to every day, I’m especially appreciative of the deep science approach Ursula has taken to create the DU NORD SKIN CARE line, and her constant, tireless search for additional benefits she can deliver with her products to make us look our very best! This is evident from the tweaking she has done to the new line, and I love that you don’t really need to buy and use the whole line to see effects. I’m a fond user of the MOUNTAIN Gel Cream, but especially in the winter I also like the luxurious feel the TAIGA Cream gives me. It’s great that she has switched to a wide mouth jar for that, so I can get to every last bit of goodness ;)

– Katja H.